A Journey to Dubai #4: the Mall of the Emirates

ENG This is the fourth and last post about shopping in Dubai. You can find the first, the second and third here. This one is about the first very famous shopping mall in Dubai, the one that started the tradition of great luxury and cool shopping experience in the UAE: the Mall of the Emirates. […]

A Journey to Dubai #3: Dubai Marina and Marina Mall

ENG Here we are, this is the third part of my reportage about shopping in Dubai. In the first two posts I wrote about the Dubai Mall, and you can find them here and here: have a nice time reading them! There are very many places for shopping in Dubai, and today I would like […]

A Journey to Dubai #2: the Dubai Mall

ENG Here we are, I am going to tell you something more about my visit to the Dubai Mall This is the second part of the story, you can find the first one here. In the following posts I will tell you more about my journey, because I’d like to give you some advices, particularly about your […]

Journey to Dubai: The Dubai Mall – Part1

ENG OK, it’s time to write about my journey to Dubai. This is a journey that I had craved for a very long time. When I finally decided to go, some weeks ago, I had a wonderful travel experience! So I think it is a very good idea to talk about it, because I would […]