Beauty Skin Care Shopping Florence

Do you know one of the best Beauty Shops in Florence?

L’Ó Profumo is a niche perfume shop in Florence that mainly is well known for the research in personal and home fragrances. As a Personal Shopper I am very glad whenever I can  give advice to my readers, and this is one of those times. But they also have a very good fragrances and skincare production […]

Naomi Goodsir at L'O in Florence for Pitti Fragranze

Naomi Goodsir’s fragrances at L’O for Pitti Fragranze

  [ENG] As Pitti Fragranze was about to start, I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful event: the launch of the new fragrances’ collection by Naomi Goodsir, at the gorgeus niche perfumes boutique L’O in Florence. Naomi created a line made by four perfumes: Cuis Velours, Bois d’Ascese, Iris Cendrè, Or du Serrail. As […]