Fashion Tourism Services

SHOPPING in Florence

Florence was the first Italian fashion capital, we all know Palazzo Pitti’s Sala Bianca was the place where the first Italian fashion shows took place. Florence is the city where many luxury brands were born. Its vocation is still about high quality and excellences. Florence nowadays is still the headquarters of Pitti Immagine.

ATELIERs and young independent designers

Why sticking to the idea of only visiting the most famous fashion boutiques when in Florence you can find ateliers of young or independent fashion designers, working in amazing locations? Don’t forget that the traditional Florentine excellences and their tradition are still very much alive, though today they are declined in a more contemporary design.

Leisure travels

Florence has much more to offer than only luxury goods and designer boutiques in the shopping streets. Its traditional productions and excellences are worldwide renowned and range among modernity and tradition. The tours can be themed or entirely customized. It’s impossible to get bored in Florence!


Incentive travels

An incentive journey can be a challenging experience, but some activities can make it easier. Shopping tours are the perfect and captivating activity to take a pause and relax by walking through the central streets to visit traditional workshops and studios. Of course It’s also intended for the participants’ partners.


We all know that shopping can be a great activity to share with your friends – and this is the reason why this service is requested as a present! A shopping day with your friends, a personal shopper and some great boutiques, plus with your party attitude, will make a great day - or a great celebration.