Image Consulting

Image Consulting is a service that helps any client improve their outfits by analytically working on one’s wardrobe: observing the existing clothes, incorporating some missing pieces among them and finding new ways to match the shapes and the colors, and smartly using accessories.

I’m at your service!

My clients often call me to rebuild their wardrobe when a new season is coming. A Wardrobe Restyling is particularly useful in some moments of your life when facing big changes and not only in the professional life. We’ll create your signature style based on your personality, your preferences, your lifestyle.


This service is about analyzing and evaluating your wardrobe to create some new outfits with them, for every aspect of your life..

What do you need?

Wardrobe restyling

I’ll update your wardrobe creating new outfits for any occasion, and will compose a lookbook with them. I will suggest new ways to match the colors, the styles and your accessories.

Total relooking

Did you get a promotion or a new job? Did you start a new life – and a new lifestyle? Have you experienced a change in your body shape? We’ll create a renewed image in step with your new way of being.