Image Analysis

The basics: you can’t do without these two elements!

Natural Colors Analysis: are you a Spring, a Summer, an Autumn or a Winter? Let’s see together which tones make you look your best!
Body Shape Analysis: are you a Triangle, a Rectangle or a Hourglass? Identifying a body shape is sometimes not that easy, but It’s worth it: I will reveal the style that suits you the best.

The extras: for those who do not have time enough!!

Shopping List: perfect when you are not a shopping lover! I’ll create a list of what’s missing in your closet and tell you where to find it. It’s going to be your own shopping tour – to be conducted by you, whenever you want.
Post Consultation Service: at the end of any consultation, for the following month, I’ll send you style and shopping tips on a weekly basis. I’ll also be available for advice.


I’ll do all the hard work for you, as the bookings at the bridal ateliers for the wedding dress shopping, and I’ll help you choose the accessories as well as everything else you are going to need for your Special Day. I’ll create your perfect bridal look, working with the make-up artist and the hair stylist.



As a Stylist my aim is to help the Bride and her Bridesmaids to be perfect, and thanks to my fashion background I will assist you in any moment of the shooting. To hire a stylist is particularly helpful for the fashion conscious Brides who are going to wear an elaborate and sophisticated dress, or more than one.


It’s a party! The wardrobe analysis in company of your best friends, sure you are going to learn something about style, but we’ll also take lots of pics while trying some new outfits on, and we’ll discover many ways to wear the accessories!