Autumnia villa casagrande Tuscany Toscana Figline

How I went to Autumnia and visited a Tuscan Villa

Some days ago I took part to a blogger tour dedicated to Autumnia, an event that took place in Figline Valdarno. I perfectly know that my readers from outside Italy, this is an area we do not talk about that much. But there in November a very interesting event takes place, and as I told […]

Toscana Medici Villa Food

How I met a posh Renaissance girl in a Tuscan Villa

We all know such a girl: the kind of girl who only wears black, is a nice wife and adorable host, is enthusiast about creating fashion accessories, loves the good cuisine and is especially keen on desserts and who hates people who don’t  behave at meals. The funny thing is I’m talking about  is Caterina […]

Toscania Firenze ristorante review

Toscania: where Artusi met the Volcano

I had the very nice experience, with other bloggers and journalists, with a good small restaurant downtown in Florence, Toscania. Its cuisine is originated from the Tuscan and Campanian tradition, so this is the reason of the name. It is a very nice place in the alternative fashion designers district, perfect for a lunch, and […]

Press Tour at Frantoio Pruneti #2 – The Oil Experience

ENG This is the second article about Frantoio Pruneti; the first one, dedicated to the Iris and its history and importance in Chianti lands, is here. This article  is going to be about the most important product from Frantoio Pruneti: the olive oil. Gionni and Paolo Pruneti told us that they have to thank their […]

Press Tour at Frantoio Pruneti #1: the precious Iris

ENG Some days ago I had the opportunity of visiting Frantoio Pruneti, a wonderful place in San Polo in Chianti where a great olive oil is produced. Paolo e Gionni, the youngest heirs of the family tradition, lead the activity in the best way possible. I was there with other bloggers and journalists, and we […]

Tasting food and wine from Isola d’Elba #2: gourmet Jams and traditional bread

  ENG This is the second part of the reportage from the presentation dedicated to the territory of Isola D’Elba that took place last week at Mercato Centrale in Florence and was organized by Vetrina Toscana (here you can read the first part). During the presentation we had the opportunity of tasting many typical products […]