3 Style Tips for wearing the Little Black Dress

   [ENG] The little black dress is a classic for the evening outfits, from the cocktail hour and the later formal happenings. What can be easier than that? You may think there’s no need to write a blog post about this basic piece of clothes. Well, I think it is important to shortly talk about […]

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10 Useful Tips for being Amazing in a White Shirt

The white shirt is considered a great clothing classic, and from what I see from the manuals it is considered as a magic wand that makes any outfit perfect without any effort. Althougth we all have one in our wardrobe, it must be considered as a very basic piece of clothes. The white shirt is […]

3 general rules and 3 shopping tips on men’s belts

3 General Rules and 3 Shopping Tips on Men’s Belts

  [ENG] Details mean a lot. This is why we should pay attention to them, especially in men’s fashion. We all know that accessories have generally to be matched with one another in color and style, but despite this general rule, there is much more to think about if one is willing to have a […]

4 Style Tips for Pearls Lovers

  We all know that pearl necklaces are a timeless classic. We also know, because everybody is always telling  us so, that this accessory generally is perfect for us all. Every single style manual will tell you that pearls are THE must have accessory. Nonetheless, if you are wearing a pearl necklace right now, you […]

Some outfits from Pitti 88

  Here are the first pics from Pitti 88. You can follow me on Instagram and see them all. I’m preparing some articles that I think my readers will find interesting! Ecco le prime immagini dal Pitti. Potete seguirmi su Instagram per vederli tutti. Sono in preparazione alcuni articoli che spero i miei lettori troveranno […]