Naomi Goodsir at L'O in Florence for Pitti Fragranze

Naomi Goodsir’s fragrances at L’O for Pitti Fragranze

  [ENG] As Pitti Fragranze was about to start, I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful event: the launch of the new fragrances’ collection by Naomi Goodsir, at the gorgeus niche perfumes boutique L’O in Florence. Naomi created a line made by four perfumes: Cuis Velours, Bois d’Ascese, Iris Cendrè, Or du Serrail. As […]

kolormondo a new tool for working with colors

Presentation of Kolormondo at Pitti 88

ENG The Swedish Spot this year was hosted by the stand of Marshall, a historical Swedish brand for music and acoustics. There, I attended a very presentation, that was about an interesting topic for interior designers as well as for stylists, the creation of a new color system tool comparable  but alternate to Pantone, called […]

Fashion Trends at Pitti Uomo 88: a World of Prints

ENG In these days we are following  the Milano Fashion Week, and we are watching the next fashion trends, but before it’s over and we start analyzing it, I would like to point out some first ideas coming from my visit to Pitti Uomo 88 in Florence. In my opinion  prints are being the most […]

Montblanc Boutique Event for Pitti Uomo 88

ENG During Pitti Uomo 88 I attended an event in the Montblanc boutique in Florence. I’m talking about this because going there not only I discovered some fascinating collections in a beautiful place, but also I made some interesting discoveries about this brand. Everybody knows Montblanc. I think that this name is strictly tied to […]

Some outfits from Pitti 88

  Here are the first pics from Pitti 88. You can follow me on Instagram and see them all. I’m preparing some articles that I think my readers will find interesting! Ecco le prime immagini dal Pitti. Potete seguirmi su Instagram per vederli tutti. Sono in preparazione alcuni articoli che spero i miei lettori troveranno […]

Il Pitti, una Newsletter e tante novità

Scrivo un blog post molto veloce per informarvi del fatto che finalmente è attiva la Newsletter del sito, e che conterrà ogni mese il focus sugli articoli più letti e interessanti e soprattutto l’accesso a iniziative ancora più interessanti, soprattutto per le amanti della moda. Potete iscrivervi qui. Credo che sia bello avere il modo […]