Fashion Trends F/W 2020/21: Ruffles

This is the first article about the fashion trends for the season. I decided that I wanted to select some of them and help you wearing them thoughout the upcoming fall and winter. We’ll start by talking about ruffles. We’ve seen this trend around for a very long time, but I do feel that this […]

How to wear a belt on a dress

How to Wear a Belt on a Summer Dress

We all love accessories and at Spring and Summer we tend to wear more those that we like the most. This is because we feel that  our mix and match game can be easier and better in this season. So we tend to use more accessories than usual. And this is just great! I mean, […]

titolo review beauty

Review: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

This Mario Badescu Facial Spray is a cooling facial mist. It is infused with nutrient-rich botanicals: Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. It also contains Peppermint, for a cooling effect. This spray will hydrate, tone and re-energize your complexion in no time with zero effort: just spritz it on your face for instant relief – and […]

night mask laneige

Night Mask by Laneige: is it Good for You?

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a skincare product. I guess I was focusing more on style tips and cool places. But turns out that people are truly interested in self care nowadays. These are harsh times and we just need to paper ourselves more. On my Instagram I asked my audience what […]


Pantsuites: How to divide and wear them as separates

testo in italiano in fondo We all love those bold and classy pantsuits we wear at work. They make us feel secure about how we look like. But what we tend to forget about the pantsuits is that we also can wear them as separates. It’s a good way to have some more outfits to […]

How to wear a skinny tie

How to correctly Wear a Skinny Tie in your Outfits

The skinny tie is not the kind of tie we often see around. But there’s a bunch of men that definitely love this accessory. Among them I would like to remind Patrizio Bertelli. We have seen him very often wearing a stylish skinny tie with his black and white outfits.  This is a short guide to wearing it in the best way possible. testo in italiano in fondo In which occasion do we wear a skinny tie?  In the past, this piece of clothing used to be considered slightly informal. In fact, we used to think that the skinny tie was the perfect one for those working in non conventional careers, for instance the designers. Nowadays this is not true anymore, because our perception has changed  and today it is considered more appropriate for outfits that are proper for business occasions. Is the skinny tie trending? Well It’s never been “traditional”, and it is not a mainstream accessory  yet. But its popularity is growing and we’re about to see it more often. Why do we think skinny tie is right for business dress code? […]