How to wear a belt on a dress

How to Wear a Belt on a Summer Dress

We all love accessories and at Spring and Summer we tend to wear more those that we like the most. This is because we feel that  our mix and match game can be easier and better in this season. So we tend to use more accessories than usual. And this is just great! I mean, […]

5 Female Instagram Influencers that I Find Outstanding

Instagram is a world apart and I really love it. Not only because I can keep in touch with my influencer friends and journalists, or because I find all the news about my favorite tennis players, but also because I really love the visuals that most instagrammers create and I like discovering their vision through […]

selvaggia capizzi titolo

Fashion Blogger over 40: A Talk with D.C.M.A.F.B.

I started following Selvaggia some months ago. I think her blog is very intersting, as she’s one of the few over 40 fashion and lifestyle influencers around. I personally like her creative and sassy approach to outfits and everyday life, so I decided that all of us could be inspired by her personal view on […]

how to match colors

How to Match the Colors in your Outfits

The art of color mixing is something that not everyone is able to master. Some of us feel insecure about it and do not go out of their comfort zone when it’s about colors. Plus, we tend to think that black is always the best option. Apart from the fact that this is completely true, […]

Fashion Journalist Giulia Baldini The Curly Flower

A Fashion Journalist from NYC – A Talk with The Curly Flower

One of the new things you will find on my blog are the interviews about style that I will post. I decided that we need more creativity in these times. It surely will make us ready for when we really can start over again. We do need to have our looks together, right?, and exploring […]


Pantsuites: How to divide and wear them as separates

testo in italiano in fondo We all love those bold and classy pantsuits we wear at work. They make us feel secure about how we look like. But what we tend to forget about the pantsuits is that we also can wear them as separates. It’s a good way to have some more outfits to […]