Fashion Trends at Pitti Uomo 88: a World of Prints

ENG In these days we are following  the Milano Fashion Week, and we are watching the next fashion trends, but before it’s over and we start analyzing it, I would like to point out some first ideas coming from my visit to Pitti Uomo 88 in Florence. In my opinion  prints are being the most […]

Montblanc Boutique Event for Pitti Uomo 88

ENG During Pitti Uomo 88 I attended an event in the Montblanc boutique in Florence. I’m talking about this because going there not only I discovered some fascinating collections in a beautiful place, but also I made some interesting discoveries about this brand. Everybody knows Montblanc. I think that this name is strictly tied to […]

Silvio Fiorello, luxury homewear at Pitti 87

ENG As you probably know, I have known the brand Silvio Fiorello for a long time, and this is why you’ll find some more articles about them in my blog. We are good friends and during Pitti Immagine I often pop up just to say hi.  This year there was a new collection dedicated to […]

Doria 1905, 110 years of History of Fashion

ENG 110 years of Doria: no, it’s not a joke, and yes, it’s a lot of time in the fashion system! This year Doria 1905 is celebrating 110 years from its birth. It was 1905 when Mr. Doria opened a small tailoring workshop at Maglie, where some artisans created their first hats. This year Doria […]

Jan Leslie, the wonder cufflinks from London

  ENG I love Jan Leslie’s cufflinks. It’s the most fascinating part of her production, in my opinion. I think her jewelry is so amazing, and it’s because of her vision. From her cufflinks to collar stays, ties and men’s accessories, Jan reimagines the world around her in a way that defines her style. Jan […]

Panizza Hats at Pitti 87

ENG Panizza was founded in 1879 and is an Italian brand, or, as I should say, it is Made in Tuscany. You probably already know that I love hats, and last time I wrote about Pitti Immagine a hat designer was in my blog. This time I’ll write about Panizza. Panizza was founded in 1879 […]