How to wear a skinny tie

How to correctly Wear a Skinny Tie in your Outfits

The skinny tie is not the kind of tie we often see around. But there’s a bunch of men that definitely love this accessory. Among them I would like to remind Patrizio Bertelli. We have seen him very often wearing a stylish skinny tie with his black and white outfits.  This is a short guide to wearing it in the best way possible. testo in italiano in fondo In which occasion do we wear a skinny tie?  In the past, this piece of clothing used to be considered slightly informal. In fact, we used to think that the skinny tie was the perfect one for those working in non conventional careers, for instance the designers. Nowadays this is not true anymore, because our perception has changed  and today it is considered more appropriate for outfits that are proper for business occasions. Is the skinny tie trending? Well It’s never been “traditional”, and it is not a mainstream accessory  yet. But its popularity is growing and we’re about to see it more often. Why do we think skinny tie is right for business dress code? […]

new year eve style tips NYE

Three Last Second Style Tips for your NYE Party Looks

  Every year we have to ponder our options for the NYE outfit. We have two choices: wearing something we already have, or going out and buy something. In the first situation, we must hope that these clothes have been well kept and still are fashionable. In the second one, we might be able to find the perfect dress, but chances are that we might not make it. So I decided to give you some last second style tips for this occasion. I also decided to divide them into three different parties you may want to take part: the house dinner party, the informal house party, the NYE Ball at a Villa (or at a fancy restaurant, you get me). testo in italiano in fondo Style tips for your NYE House Dinner Party  Whatever you want to do, you should be aware that it would not be polite to exaggerate with the style of your outfit. Wearing a “gran gala” dress would not be appropriate! You should try to wear something elegant but toning it a little bit […]

3 Pieces You Need to Buy this Winter Season

Fall is the most colorful season of all, and this amazing sweater wheater makes you want to go fashion shopping. We all love layering and cute fall outfits, so fall fashion shopping can be really fun. But Winter is something different, and some of us do not understand what is really essential for their wardrobe; […]

how to wear cufflinks

How to Wear Cufflinks in the Right Way

Cufflinks are the most important jewels a gentleman can wear. They can be bold or minimal, stylish of ironical. They always speak for their owner’s personaliy and mood. Some men wear them because of an office dress code; some men truly love them and wear them enthusiastically, matching their style to their fashion sense. Let’s […]

how to wear bracelets

3 Style Tips to Wear Bracelets

In Summer we can finally switch to those frilly and sassy styles that we love so much, and wear all the accessories we couldn’t show off during the cold season. One of these accessories surely are bracelets. Bracelets can be bold and can define your outfit. But it’s not always that easy, because we might […]

How to Improve a Career Woman’s Wardrobe

As an Image Consultant, I often have to deal with women who ask me how to improve their career wardrobe. There are so many reasons for this. First of all, the peer pressure. Sometimes we have to be in a workspace where the competitivity isn’t all only about the skills, but also about the looks. […]