how to match colors

How to Match the Colors in your Outfits

The art of color mixing is something that not everyone is able to master. Some of us feel insecure about it and do not go out of their comfort zone when it’s about colors. Plus, we tend to think that black is always the best option. Apart from the fact that this is completely true, […]

Fashion Journalist Giulia Baldini The Curly Flower

A Fashion Journalist from NYC – A Talk with The Curly Flower

One of the new things you will find on my blog are the interviews about style that I will post. I decided that we need more creativity in these times. It surely will make us ready for when we really can start over again. We do need to have our looks together, right?, and exploring […]


Pantsuites: How to divide and wear them as separates

testo in italiano in fondo We all love those bold and classy pantsuits we wear at work. They make us feel secure about how we look like. But what we tend to forget about the pantsuits is that we also can wear them as separates. It’s a good way to have some more outfits to […]

The Time is Now! A IED Students’ Sustainable Project

I went to Pitti Uomo some days ago, and it was very interesting, as always. I love watching the new trends. But this time I want to talk about a project that is very important for all of us. IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, has joined with Greenpeace to create some menswear collections. Let’s see how the students are doing it!  testo in italiano dopo le immagini 6 Collections for 6 Different Personalities  There will be six different capsule collections. They will be designed thinking about six different fashion personalities as well as about six lifestyles. I find it exciting to think that the IED students will have to conceive this, because I bet it has to be based on an actual very good rsearch about trends and sociology!  Anyway, creating six collections will definitely make this project very much alive.  Why the Collections need to be Beautiful  What really inspired me about it was the fact that IED and Greenpeace promoters clearly stated that the items not only have to be functional, but also beautiful. This is a great way to make you want to wear them and most of all, it will make you want to show them. In this case, showing off isn’t only a narcissistic attitude. It is more about being recognized as part of a group of people that care about the environment. It is about sharing you view and […]

How to wear a skinny tie

How to correctly Wear a Skinny Tie in your Outfits

The skinny tie is not the kind of tie we often see around. But there’s a bunch of men that definitely love this accessory. Among them I would like to remind Patrizio Bertelli. We have seen him very often wearing a stylish skinny tie with his black and white outfits.  This is a short guide to wearing it in the best way possible. testo in italiano in fondo In which occasion do we wear a skinny tie?  In the past, this piece of clothing used to be considered slightly informal. In fact, we used to think that the skinny tie was the perfect one for those working in non conventional careers, for instance the designers. Nowadays this is not true anymore, because our perception has changed  and today it is considered more appropriate for outfits that are proper for business occasions. Is the skinny tie trending? Well It’s never been “traditional”, and it is not a mainstream accessory  yet. But its popularity is growing and we’re about to see it more often. Why do we think skinny tie is right for business dress code? […]

3 Pieces You Need to Buy this Winter Season

Fall is the most colorful season of all, and this amazing sweater wheater makes you want to go fashion shopping. We all love layering and cute fall outfits, so fall fashion shopping can be really fun. But Winter is something different, and some of us do not understand what is really essential for their wardrobe; […]