How to get a stunning look with braces

How to get a Stunning Look with Braces

Braces are just a great accessory, because they not only are cool and classy at the same time, but can even be a smart and strategic element in  your best outfit. In the USA, the braces lovers’ mood is mostly about their practicality, while for the British it’s about a sense of tradition. Perhaps in Italy […]

How to actuallly wear a pochette like apro

How to Actually wear a Pochette Like a Pro

The pochette, or pocket square, may be a small detail in a man’s outfit, but it reveals so much about his style and personality. As an Image Consultant I am concerned by the fact that not everybody knows that it is possible to wear it literally every time you wear a jacket! There is only a […]

aran sweaters wool casualwear menswear informal

A Ladies’ and Gents’ Guide to Aran Sweaters

This year in Italy we have had a very warm autumn, but now the evening are finally cold, and this made me think of a great classic of casual knitwear, the coziest one, the Aran sweater. Fashion brands must be very much aware of its comfiness as well, as many of them keep creating new […]

3 general rules and 3 shopping tips on men’s belts

3 General Rules and 3 Shopping Tips on Men’s Belts

  [ENG] Details mean a lot. This is why we should pay attention to them, especially in men’s fashion. We all know that accessories have generally to be matched with one another in color and style, but despite this general rule, there is much more to think about if one is willing to have a […]

Fashion Trends at Pitti Uomo 88: a World of Prints

ENG In these days we are following  the Milano Fashion Week, and we are watching the next fashion trends, but before it’s over and we start analyzing it, I would like to point out some first ideas coming from my visit to Pitti Uomo 88 in Florence. In my opinion  prints are being the most […]

Montblanc Boutique Event for Pitti Uomo 88

ENG During Pitti Uomo 88 I attended an event in the Montblanc boutique in Florence. I’m talking about this because going there not only I discovered some fascinating collections in a beautiful place, but also I made some interesting discoveries about this brand. Everybody knows Montblanc. I think that this name is strictly tied to […]